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WLMG Proudly Sponsor
Berkshire Motor Show and Motorsport across Berkshire and South
Sunday 7th July 2024

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Teenage Cancer Trust
charity reg no. 1062559

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Reading branch.


Steph Awbery - Organiser.

About us

The Berkshire motor show was started to show off 4x4's but is now open to any vehicles, we started this event to help different charities and to give something back to the community, which we have in many ways.
The community plays a big part in looking after your neighbours, helping with jobs, that others can not do, comfort people when sad or ill, these are just a few things in general.
Community spirit plays a big part in life, and together we can all help no matter how big or small. This event is open to any companies / clubs that wish to promote themselves and meet the public in person, as this can be a huge advantage.

Berkshire motor show, I am pleased to say has been running for over 20 years. I am so proud of this and wish my late parents were here to see it all, as this is in memory of them as my mother Irene was disabled and my father Jim Devine had a stroke, both from Burghfield Common, so I wanted to give something back to the community, as they helped us when we needed help. All those year's ago the show started with nothing, just asking people for donations of things we needed, help etc. My webmaster Paul and wife Sue have been fantastic with the website side of things for me plus helping where they can. Friends and family has helped over the year's, which I thank them all. Now we have moved to prospect park, things are a little different, there are more people and the show is getting much bigger, I hope we can keep this going for more year's to come in the future.

Each year, when the show finishes we start again for the following year, it's a hard task asking companies for help, like would they like to show there vehicles, asking for donations, then booking acts, barriers, insurance, behind the scenes the public do not see what we have to do, which can be a nightmare when something goes wrong!
Everything changes after the event when all is put back to right again, and we get lovely emails from the public like this one saying, "we had a great time at the show and everyone helped make this a special day for my partly disabled autistic son, and family, everyone was so helpful, we will never forget this day and cannot thank you enough."
This makes us so proud to hear that a family has had a great time, plus has helped a charity at the same time.

Ryan Paul Antony

Ryan Paul Antony - Show Ambassador.

I eagerly embraced the opportunity to be an ambassador for the prestigious Berkshire Motor Show,
as it beautifully combines my love for cars and my commitment to charitable causes.
I am sincerely grateful to the Berkshire Motor Show for inviting me to be
part of their remarkable family.

We would like to Thank everyone who exhibited and attended the show.



Reading Borough Council

A temporary event notice (TEN) allow us to hold one-off licensable events at unlicensed premises without
the need for a premises license, club premises certificate or the presence of a personal license holder,
provided certain criteria are met.

Permission to use public land.

License to sell raffle tickets for all events.

If anyone would like to help or take part then please call me on 0799 0667 503,
or Volunteers Coordinator - Darren Pike, email pike536@btinternet.com Tel mob 07780-761779 H 01753-683899 answer phone.


Steph Awbery

Helping support local charities

The Fire Fighters Charity Bucket List Wishes Medical Detection Dogs Help for Heroes charity logo
Children's Interstitial Lung Disease charity logo Multiple Sclerosis right left launch Pad South Central Ambulance Service
Flint House ...Supporting Police Officers Since 1890... Berkshire Womens Aid

Donations also sent to ... Mrs Williams playgroup Burghfield Common and Burghfield Football Club.

The show will be held at Prospect Park, Liebenrood Road, Reading, Berkshire. RG30 2ND.

Telephone Steph on 0799 0667 503 or E-Mail stephawbery@outlook.com